Attractions for children

Attractions for children

The Vistula River viewing-point

From the viewing platform situated on the Vistula island, called Kępa Bazarowa, there is an excellent view on Toruń Old Town.

The Toruń 3D Book

Toruń3D Book – this is the title of a film Toruń citizens and tourists have been able to watch  since 28th April 2012.

Tel.: 56 622 70 38
muzeum [at]
The Master Bogumił Gingerbread House

In the Master Bogumił Gingerbread House, with the help of contemporary gingerbread masters, tourists can discover the secrets of baking the famous gingerbread of Toruń.

Tel.: 725 011 050
biuro [at]
The Museum of Papermaking and Printing

The Museum of Papermaking and Printing was founded in 2004 in a small village of Grębocin, 8 km from Toruń.

Tel.: 56 674 92 00
edukacja [at]

Museum of toys from the nineteenth and early decades of the twentieth century; offers not only a collection of dolls, teddy bears, prams, queues, cars, blocks, board games

Tel.: 518 577 444
biuro [at]