Water play

Water play

Despite the fact that Toruń is located app. 200 kilometres from the seashore, there is no shortage of water-related attractions in our city. During the summer season tourists and residents can enjoy easily accessible swimming pools, city beach, Cosmopolis Fountain, kayak trips and Vistula river cruises. Winter season focuses mostly on ice skating rinks, indoor swimming pools, aquaparks and various spa & wellness venues. 

We prepared a list of the most popular water-related activities. Enjoy.   

Mini Aquapark is the only swimming pool of this type in Toruń.

Tel.: 56 651 38 56
aquapark [at] mosir.torun.pl

The facility is located in the four-star Bulwar hotel situated in the Old Town of Toruń. BULWAR AQUA offers jacuzzi, sauna and infrared sauna.

Tel.: 56 623 94 20
spa [at] hotelbulwar.pl

The complex of summer swimming pools is located in the neighbourhood of the Sports and Recreation Centre.

The Cosmopolis Fountain

The fountain, in its form, refers to the famous work of Nicolaus Copernicus ‘On the Revolutions of Celestial Spheres’.

Blue Moon Wellness & Spa is a place prepared to provide the highest level of relaxation, while at the same time caring for the needs of the spirit.

Tel.: 56 611 57 00
info [at] copernicustorun.com