Mini Aquapark is the only swimming pool of this type in Toruń.

Tel.: 56 651 38 56
aquapark [at] mosir.torun.pl

The complex of summer swimming pools is located in the neighbourhood of the Sports and Recreation Centre.

The modern swimming pool complex which includes a sports swimming pool, a recreational swimming pool with several water attractions, a children’s pool and 2 jacuzzi tubs.

Tel.: 56 611 49 56
Fax.: 56 611 43 77
ucs-sekretariat [at] umk.pl
Olender Sports and Recreation Centre

The modern aquapark situated just several kilometres from Toruń.

Olender Sports and Recreation Centre
Toruńska 34/40
87-165 Wielka nieszawka
Tel.: 56 622 06 06
recepcja [at] olender.info