How to get to...?

How to get to...?

Access to Toruń by car is perfectly possible thanks to the A1 motorway. Driving along it from the north from Gdańsk, take the junction in Lubicz from where it is only 10 km to the city center.

Driving the A1 from the south, take the junction in Ciechocinek and drive towards Toruń for approx. 25 km on the national road No. 91.

The national road No. 10 leads to the city from the east and west directions, while the national road No. 15 runs along the north-east and south-west direction.


Toruń - Warszawa - 210 km

Toruń - Gdańsk -  170 km

Toruń - Poznań -   160 km

Toruń - Łódź -  180 km

Toruń - Kraków - 425 km

Toruń - Wrocław - 310 km

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