This Old Town pizzeria enjoys real popularity. During lunch time the restaurant is full – it is worth queuing, however, as the pizza served here is well worth this visit.

Tel.: 56 621 06 78
Kolorowy Piec

An intimate pizzeria serving a real Neapolitan pizza.

Tel.: 530 507 600
kolorowypiec [at] gmail.com
"Domowa Pizza" Pod Arkadami

Domowa Pizza ‘Pod Akadami’, opened in 1979, serves thick-crust pizza /22 cm/ with cheese, sausage, bacon, ham or salami.

Very popular among students with an Italian pizza and more.

Tel.: 535 004 152
pizzeriamrcapone [at] gmail.com

The cozy interior and good location are the undoubted advantages of this place. Pizza is served here on both thin and fluffy pastry.

Tel.: 56 684 42 29
biuro [at] grande.net.pl