To Toruń from the airport

To Toruń from the airport


How to get to Toruń from international airports in Poland? 

Warszawa (WAW, WMI), Gdańsk (GDN), Bydgoszcz (BZG)


Travelers to Poland commonly choose air transportation as the fastest and most convenient option. For many people coming to the Hanza Days in Toruń from abroad, an air connection may be the best choice. Therefore, we have prepared a set of useful information on transfers from the most popular airports located within a 180 km radius of Toruń.


Below you will find a description of the transport to your destination from airports in Warsaw (WAW, WMI), Gdańsk (GDN) and Bydgoszcz (BZG). Bydgoszcz airport (BGZ) is located closest – just 40 km from the city.



Plane in the air (Pexels, CC0)



Ignacy Jan Paderewski International Airport in Bydgoszcz (BZG)


Travelers to Torun via the international airport in Bydgoszcz can choose public transport in the form of Bydgoszcz city buses and national railroads. To use this option when leaving the BZG airport, take city bus No. 80, which stops in front of the airport building and heads to Bydgoszcz Central Railway Station (Dworzec Główny) – the last stop. From there, a train leaves every 30 minutes or so in the direction of Toruń (Main Railway Station – Dworzec Główny). The journey by train takes up to 45 minutes. The same city bus also takes you to the Bydgoszcz Bus Station.


The city bus schedule from the airport is available at:

Train schedule is available at:

Inter-city connections by regional bus service:


Another option for passengers using the port in Bydgoszcz is to travel by taxi/cab. In this case, all you have to do is get into the taxis/cabs located in front of the airport building or order a vehicle by contacting any of the Bydgoszcz taxi services:

Express Taxi (+48 523 222 222)

Taxi Komfort (+48 523 753 377)

Łuczniczka Taxi (+48 737 737 737)


Another way to get from Bydgoszcz airport to Toruń is to rent a car. On site, you can rent a car operating in the rental networks of carsharing companies: Panek ( and Avis ( For this purpose, we suggest contacting the rental company in advance.



Lech Wałęsa International Airport in Gdańsk (GDN)


Another convenient destination for air travelers is Gdańsk Airport, 150 km from Torun. It is the third largest airport in Poland in terms of the number of passengers served. There are several options for transportation from there to Toruń. One of them is, of course, public transportation. Not far from the terminal building you can find a stop of the Gdansk public transport, from which bus No. 210 departs towards the city center and the main railway and bus stations, and N3 line at night. An even simpler solution is to choose a train connection (the Rapid Urban Rail  station in Gdansk is located next to the terminal building). Through it, you can easily get to Toruń – usually with a change at the Gdańsk Główny or Gdańsk Wrzeszcz train stations. Unfortunately, there is currently no direct rail connection between Gdansk Airport and Toruń.


The city bus schedule from the airport is available at: 

The rail transport schedule is available at:  and


As at other airports here, you can also count on traveling to Toruń by taxi/cab. In this case, you can use the services of the following companies:

Neptun Taxi (+48 585 111 555)

Hallo Taxi (+48 781 819 666)

AS Taxi (+48 583 063 636)


At the airport it is also possible to rent a car and travel with it to Torun. It is possible to rent a car on the spot from a network of carsharing companies: Panek (, Avis ( and Carnet ( To do so, we suggest contacting the rental company in advance.




Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW)


Poland’s largest airport is located in Warsaw. It is approximately a 3-hour drive from Toruń. Because it is used by the largest number of carriers for many international travelers, it may prove to be the best destination airport. The airport is conveniently located in Warsaw and is well connected to the Central Railway Station. Connections to this location are provided by city bus lines no. 175 and N32 (at night). From the Central Railway Station, one can set off on a further journey to Toruń by train or, alternatively, by intercity bus. It is worth noting here that some carriers also offer direct connections between Chopin Airport and Toruń, such as Flixbus ( There is also a station near the airport itself, which provides train connections to the Central and Western Railway Stations, where you can change to a train heading directly to Toruń.


The city bus schedule from the airport is available at:

The rail transportation schedule is available at the link: and


If you wish to use taxi/cab transportation, be prepared to spend more. You can use the services of Warsaw taxi companies such as:

Ele Taxi (+48 228 111 111)

Atu Taxi (+48 227 444 444)

Sawa Taxi (+48 226 444 444)


Directly at the airport it is also possible to rent a car functioning in the networks of carsharing companies: Panek (, Avis ( and Carnet (



Warsaw-Modlin International Airport (WMI)


Another airport often used for international travel is the one located in Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki, near Warsaw. It mainly serves budget airlines. It is well connected with the capital, from where you can easily reach various locations in Poland, including Toruń. To get to the center of Warsaw, you can use carriers such as Contbus ( or Flixbus ( The latter company also provides direct travel to Torun from under the airport.


Of course, there also remains the possibility of transporting yourself from the airport to your destination by a taxi/cab. Corporations that operate locally are:

Opti Taxi (+48 608 300 500)

Modlin Taxi (+48 600 105 105)


In the case of renting a car, you can use the services of car sharing companies: Panek ( and Avis (