By bicycle

By bicycle

Toruń is a perfect base for bicycle trips to Old Vistula Valley, Chełmińskie Lake Region or Bydgoska Forest. For those who prefer such a two-wheeled mean of transportation we have some positive news – a good majority of Toruń streets, excluding Szeroka Street and Królowej Jadwigi Street, is accessible for cyclists. You can also freely use renting bike points located on the Vistula river bank, however, please keep in mind – pedestrians always have the right of way there. 

We also encourage you to check the information in our Cycling Tours flyer listed below. Suggested trips have been marked using biking trails and urban pathways. We especially recommend a short tour all the way to the left riverbank – to Kępa Bazarowa, where you can see an impressive Old Town landscape from the famous viewpoint platform.

Personally, a whole-day trip to Unisław is our favourite. It leads along a biking trail quite distanced from noisy cars. This tour also gives you a chance to see the charming Barbarka village in a forest near Toruń, as well as one of the smallest, preserved Teutonic Castles in Zamek Bierzgłowski village.

We encourage you to visit and experience Toruń and its surroundings from the comfort of a bicycle seat.        




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