Affordable lodgings

Affordable lodgings

You can experience a variety of cheap accommodation options here in Toruń. There are many hostels offering bedrooms for an affordable price for tourists. They are mostly located in the city centre – which is why you can easily walk the distance between them and the most important landmarks. We also have a functioning camping spot near the Old Town – aside from pitching a tent or parking a trailer you can rent a full-year hut or a room in a local hotel.  

Przystanek Toruń posiada w swojej ofercie 26 pokoi hostelowych, w tym pokoje 1,2,3, 4 i 5 - osobowe.

Tel.: 56 659 85 17
recepcja [at]
MCSM Hostel

The hostel of the International Youth Meetings Centre (IYMC), located in the old Richter Mills, can accommodate 96 visitors in 24 rooms.

Tel.: 530 854 952
recepcja [at]
Fort IV

The accommodation in the original nineteenth century Prussian fort is an excellent opportunity to try out a real life in barracks.

Tel.: 56 655 82 36
biuro [at]

Tramp campsite is located near the entrance to the bridge over the  Vistula river from Łódź and Poznań directions, nearby the Main Railway Station and one kilometre from t

Tel.: 56 654 71 87
tramp [at]

Dom Pielgrzyma offers accommodation both for pilgrimage and touristic groups and for individual tourists. There are rooms of different standard in affordable prices.

Tel.: 56 651 18 41
dompielgrzymatorun [at]