Attractions for children

Attractions for children

If you plan on visiting Toruń with the youngest, definitely take a look at a list of attractions in our city that are, in

Planetarium Orbitarium and Geodium

Planetarium, Orbitarium and Geodium are situated in the nineteenth century buildings of the old gas plant.

Planetarium and Geodium
Franciszkańska 15
87-100 Toruń
Tel.: 56 622 60 66
Fax.: 56 622 50 66
office [at]
Baj Pomorski

‘Baj Pomorski’ theatre has been open in Toruń since 1946. Its specialty is puppet shows for children.

Baj Pomorski
Piernikarska 9
87-100 Toruń
Tel.: 56 652 24 24
sekretariat [at]
Live Museum of Gingerbread

The Gingerbread Museum is an interactive form of experiencing the history of Toruń and the gingerbread making, attractive both for children and adults.

The Live Museum of Gingerbread
Rabiańska 9
87-100 Toruń
Tel.: 56 663 66 17
muzeumpiernika [at]
Manufaktura Cukierków

Visitors can see here how little sweet masterpieces are created using the method from the 17th century.

The Manufacture of candies
Szeroka 33
87-100 Toruń
Tel.: 669 919 969
torun [at]