The Museum of Papermaking and Printing

The Museum of Papermaking and Printing

The Museum of Papermaking and Printing
The Museum of Papermaking and Printing
Szkolna 31
87-100 Toruń
Tel.: 56 674 92 00
edukacja [at]
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25,00 zł

The Museum of Papermaking and Printing was founded in 2004 in a small village of Grębocin, 8 km from Toruń. The visitors can see there a remarkable private collection connected to papermaking and printing presented in the exceptional form of interactive educational classes.

The classes cover:

  • preparing hand-made paper
  • writing with a goose-quill
  • printing a commemorative certificate

The practice classes are the perfect offer for everyone who likes the smell of ink and wants to find out where the paper comes from. One part of the practice classes is an interesting history lesson of the region where, in the seventeenth century, there was the most modern paper factory in Poland. The classes refer also to the history of printing in Toruń and the atmosphere of the medieval monastery scriptoriums.

The participants can learn that people did not always write on computer keyboards. Once there were letters instead of e-mails, quill pens instead of keys. And hand-made cards instead of paper reams.

Anyone who wants to remind themselves – before books turned into e-books – that once people wrote and printed manually, should necessarily visit the Museum in Grębocin. The practice classes organised here were awarded the Tourist Product of 2011 certificate of Kuyavian-Pomeranian Province.

The level of the practice classes is adjusted to the participants’ age.