Attractions for children

Attractions for children

Spaced-out | Escape room

All of a sudden you find yourself in a mysterious room of a talented astronomer.

Spaced-out | Escape room
Podmurna 85/89
87-100 Toruń
Tel.: 607 313 262
info [at]

The open-air museum includes Prussian armoured buildings of the Toruń Fortress – AB Experimental Battery IV and SLB Half-Armoured of 1895 and 1899.

Armoured Fortification Museum of the Fortress of Toruń
Poznańska 191-199
87-100 Toruń
Tel.: 607 054 249
torun.fortyfikacje [at]
Park Miejski

The park, founded in 1817, stretches along Bydgoska Street for 1 km. It is one of the oldest garden foundation in Poland.

City Park
87-100 Toruń
The castle in Golub-Dobrzyń

The castle in Golub-Dobrzyń, picturesquely situated on the riverside hill, was built by Teutonic knights after 1293.

The castle in Golub-Dobrzyń
87-400 Golub-Dobrzyń
Tel.: 56 683 24 66
The Chopin Centre in Szafarnia

Szafarnia is situated among the picturesque fields of Dobrzyń land, in the neighbourhood of proglacial stream valley of the Drwęca River and Chełmno Lake District.

The Chopin Centre in Szafarnia 87-404 Szafarnia
Tel.: 56 682 79 30
osrodek [at]