Franciszkańska 15
87-100 Toruń
Tel.: 56 621 10 85
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Ticket prices: 
normal 30 PLN, reduced 25 PLN
normal 12 PLN, reduced 10 PLN
normal 12 PLN, reduced 10 PLN

The Planetarium Hall is a place where, thanks to special apparatus, we display popular astronomical shows. These projections last approximately 40 minutes. Depending on the title, they tell about the size and structure of the Universe, describe the most popular constellations in the sky, and reveal the mysteries of planets and galaxies.
Unusual, spatial images are created by video animations displayed from projectors. They cover the entire dome above the spectators' heads with a moving image (the so-called fulldome system).

The MARS#17 base is an interactive space arranged in the form of a space base, where visitors, like crew members, will have to perform certain activities necessary to survive off Earth and complete the tasks entrusted to them. Their mission will be not only to monitor the condition of the Base, but also to remove minor failures, test soil samples of the "Red Planet" and properly manage energy.

The Geodium exhibition is dedicated to the Earth as a planet. Its central element is a rotating and properly illuminated model of the globe with a diameter of 2.15 m. Thanks to the play of lights, you can easily see why we have four seasons, and day is followed by night.
There are interactive devices around the globe, thanks to which you can experiment yourself by pressing the appropriate buttons. There are also 2 stands with a collection of rocks and minerals at the exhibition.