Attractions for children

Attractions for children

Smok toruński

On the 13th  August 1746 a master-carpenter Johann Georg Hieronim and the wife of the city soldier Kataharina Storchin certified in the town’s administrative office in Tor

Baj Pomorski

‘Baj Pomorski’ theatre has been open in Toruń since 1946. Its specialty is puppet shows for children.

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The Cosmopolis Fountain

The fountain, in its form, refers to the famous work of Nicolaus Copernicus ‘On the Revolutions of Celestial Spheres’.

Manufaktura Cukierków

Visitors can see here how little sweet masterpieces are created using the method from the 17th century.

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The Jump Arena offer sports trampolines, pools with sponges, acrobatic tracks, baskets for batchings and many other lively elements for preschoolers, students, stude

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