Attractions in Torun

Attractions in Torun

The figurines

One of the Old Town streets (60 Podmurna Street) exhibits, on a several-meter-long wall, several colourful, ceramic figurines.

Smok toruński

On the 13th  August 1746 a master-carpenter Johann Georg Hieronim and the wife of the city soldier Kataharina Storchin certified in the town’s administrative office in Tor

The Rafter and the Frogs

The statue of a rafter with frogs is situated in the heart of the Old Town, in the Old Town Square, between the Old Town Hall and the post-office building.

Figurka Filusia

Filuś is a small, cast-in bronze small mutt, sitting in the north-east corner of the Old Town Square.

The Zoobotanical Garden

The Zoobotanical Garden in Toruń is situated several hundred metres west of the Old Town. It was founded over 200 years ago and originally it was a botanical garden.

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