Which places in Toruń are the most interesting? What is the best to see? No one can advise us better than the visitors. Based on the opinions posted on tripadvisor, we decided to prepare for you a list of the 10 most important points on the route of the Toruń walk.



#10 House of Copernicus

Where in Toruń can I find answers to questions about the most famous Polish astronomer, even the most difficult ones? Hint: at the Nicolaus Copernicus House! It sounds like an obvious statement, but the address of Kopernika 15/17 may at first look inconspicuous compared to other Gothic buildings. However, it is the house that is the most likely birthplace of the author of the heliocentric theory. Some of the guests may remember that in 2017-2018 it was closed to the public. Why? This is due to a thorough renovation, which resulted in the opening of an extensive, interactive exhibition about the life and work of Nicolaus Copernicus and more. We will find there exhibitions about the cosmos, the development of human knowledge, Renaissance art and science, the Copernicus family and medieval Toruń. Even the building itself received an interesting exposure - the starry sky is displayed on the original ceiling of the tenement house. An optional addition to the visit is the 4D cinema, where you can watch one of the thematically varied films every 20 minutes.

  • Kopernika 15/17


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Dom Mikołaja Kopernika z zewnątrz

 #9 Statue of Filus

In one of the corners of the Old Town Square in Toruń, there is a statuette of a certain dog. According to his custom, the obedient Filuś waits for his master - Professor Filutek - a formerly famous animated scientist, whose adventures could be found on the pages of the "Przekrój" magazine. The author of the drawn stories - Zbigniew Lengren - was a resident of Toruń.

  • Old Town Square 27

Statuetka Filusia

#8 The House of Legends
Another attraction valued by tourists is the House of Legends of Toruń. It is not difficult to find, as it is located on the main street - Szeroka (No. 35). The House of Legends is a combination of an interactive museum and theater. We will hear colorful stories about the history of the city and its inhabitants. Visitors can see six installations located in the Gothic basement. Presentation scenarios are adapted to the age of the visitors.

  • Szeroka 35


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#7 Vistula Bunker (temporary closed)

In the Gothic Toruń, you can find a place that will take you to the 20th-century war front. In the original anti-aircraft gap from the 1940s, in the spring and summer, bombardment and air raid simulations are conducted, which take place several to a dozen times a day. The entrance to the bunker can be found right in front of the majestic Monastery Gate in Toruń (exit of Ducha Św. Street), near the Philadelphia Boulevard.

  • Bulwar Filadelfijski 10


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 #6 Planetarium
Being in the city sometimes called Copernicus' City, we should not forget about the achievements of the famous astronomer and the revolution he caused. We will learn a lot about his discovery in the Planetarium in Toruń, located at Franciszkańska st. 15-21. According to guests, this is a point not to be missed. In the 19th-century buildings of the former gasworks, fun will be experienced not only by the youngest, but also by those who are much older. A system of projectors and projectors placed under the dome of the main building allows you to show star constellations and distant galaxies. Several screenings are presented here during the day. In the adjacent Geodium we will find an interactive exhibition devoted to the Earth as a Planet and various phenomena occurring on it. The following are depicted here: magnetic field, earthquake, convection, Earth's atmosphere, Coriolis effect and many others. As you can see - attractions are beyond measure!

  • Franciszkańska 15-21


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#5 Invisible House

The next place on our list is very intriguing. The Mysterious Invisible House offers a new, empathic perspective on the reality that surrounds us and the experience of space.

  • Strumykowa 5


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#4 Old Town Hall

One of the largest facilities of this type in Poland. You will find it on the main square - Staromiejski. It has a 40-meter tower, which is probably the most popular place for proposals in Toruń. It is worth going around the building and looking inside to see if it really could have been a calendar in the past. There is a legend about it. It is said that the big tower symbolized one year. Four smaller - seasons. The 12 large halls in the Town Hall are months. 52 smaller rooms - weeks. There would be 365 windows (plus one that was forged in a leap year). It would be worth counting them. If their number is correct, let us know, because we always forget which ones we've already counted and which we haven't counted yet...

  • Old Town Square 1


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 Ratusz Staromiejski

 #3 i #2 Old Town Square and Monument of Copernicus

The next point on our sightseeing route - according to Internet users - should be the Old Town Square. On this almost perfectly square square, we will find another highly appreciated attraction, which is Nicolaus Copernicus himself, or rather - his monument. In the area of ​​the Market Square, in addition to the eye-catching - mentioned earlier - Town Hall, you can find other interesting buildings: old tenement houses, the majestic Artus Court, the Church of the Holy Spirit or the decorative Tenement House Under the Star. It is worth noting that this is where the gastronomic and social life of the city beats.

  • Old Town Square

Rynek Staromiejski

 #1 Gingerbread Museum

According to tourists, the place of the best experience is the museum, where we can learn something about one of the most important symbols of Toruń - gingerbread. What is gingerbread - everyone knows. But are you sure? Especially when it comes to Toruń. Product from here used to be considered the best rarity in the entire Polish lands. In the past, it was appreciated not only for its unique, spicy taste, but also for the beautiful decorations that have been present on it since the Middle Ages.

If you want to learn about the traditional way of preparing such a "guest" while moving in time, go to the famous Living Gingerbread Museum as soon as possible. If you also like to be verbally flogged and rushed to work, then this is an attraction for you! Museum is located at Rabiańska 9.

Another place where we come across an intense, gingerbread smell is the Toruń Gingerbread Museum - a branch of the District Museum in Toruń. It is located at Strumykowa Street 4. In 19th-century that was a large gingerbread factory, today this is a museum. The exhibition is interactive and adapted also for the youngest. Here you will also have the opportunity to prepare a sweet gift. But you'd better wipe the saliva from your mouth because it's a really hard nut to crack...

  • Rabiańska 9


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  • Strumykowa 4


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