Which places in Toruń are the most interesting? Which are worth visiting the most? There is no one who could advise us better than the tourists who visited the city before us. Based on the opinions posted on we have decided to prepare for you a list of 10 most important places to see when making your walk of Toruń.




# 10
The first place we should definitely go to see is located at the entrance to Toruń Old Town. On Rapacki Square, in the middle of a city park we can spot the Cosmopolis Fountain which is highly regarded by the visitors. It is the first one on the list of ten most visited locations. This water attraction is supposed to refer to the famous work of Nicolaus Copernicus ‘On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres’. Its granite stone holds a Latin inscription and  a schematic representation of heliocentric system. The circles which symbolise orbits contain over 100 nozzles from which water springs. From the central nozzle which symbolises the sun water springs out to the height of over 5 metres! During the summer in the evening hours we can walk upon the romantic shows of water, light and sound. The atmosphere of this place should influence everyone, which can also be proved by the opinions of users. Try not to get wet! We know, we know – the temptation is strong...

Fontanna Cosmopolis


# 9
The House of Legends combines an interactive museum with a theatre. It is the place to hear colourful stories on the city history and its citizens. The visitors can see six installations located in a Gothic basement. The presentation scenarios are adjusted to the age of the visitors.

 Dom Legend Toruńskich

# 8
While visiting the city, called sometimes the Town of Copernicus, we should not forget the achievement of the famous astronomer and the revolution he caused. We can learn a lot about his discoveries in Toruń Planetarium located at 15-21 Franciszkańska Street. According to the tourists this is a place not to be missed. The nineteenth century buildings of a former gas plant offers great fun for everyone, regardless of age. The system of projectors installed under a dome of the main building shows star constellations and distant galaxies. During a day several performances are presented. The neighbouring Geodium hosts an interactive exhibition dedicated to the Earth as a planet and the various phenomena which occur there such as magnetic field, earthquake, convection, Earth atmosphere, Coriolis effect and many, many others. As you can see for yourselves – there are pretty many attractions!



# 7
The place not to miss for tourists in the Leaning Tower. We can see it in the south-west part of the Old Town. The tower became famous thanks to its characteristic tilt. The top of the tower is advanced in comparison to its base by 1,4 m! It was built in the fourteenth century. Originally, the building had only three walls, the lack of the wall from the side of the city was supposed to help the defenders to draw out ammunition in case of a siege. In the eighteenth century the tower stopped having military functions and it was rebuilt. The mentioned tilt was supposed to result from the movement of clayey ground. Formerly it was considered a sign and a curse and even Copernicus was blamed for it! A certain legend mentioned that the tower was built in this way by a converted Teutonic Knight. He supposedly raised it as a symbol for his former ‘crooked’ deeds. Thanks to his achievement everyone can test themselves today. How? Stand leaning against the wall of the tower and try to hold your balance. We suggest the ladies take their heels off.

Krzywa Wieża


# 6
In this part of town we can also discover another attraction from the top 10 list of the most interesting monuments of Toruń. These are the City Walls which are best preserved in the surrounding of the Leaning Tower. In the area we can see other medieval towers (this time straight ones) and monumental city gates: Klasztorna, Żeglarska and further to the east – Mostowa. 

 Mury miejskie

# 5, 4 and 3

The next point on our sightseeing route should be – according to the portal users – the Old Town Square. On this almost perfectly shaped square, we can find the important Toruń monument – Nicolaus Copernicus Monument.
While visiting Toruń we should obligatorily stand in the shadow of the famous Toruń astronomer (the shadow is rather big because the Old Town Copernicus is not a small man, he is over 2,5 metres tall!). This is a great landmark for citizens and guests and the very ‘heart’ of Toruń. Behind his back we can see a big building made out of brick. This is the Old Town Hall. One of the biggest buildings of this type in Poland. A 40-metre Town Hall tower overlooks the Copernicus and it is probably the most popular place for making proposals in Toruń. It is worth walking around the building and taking a peek inside to make sure if it really could be a calendar in the old days. This is mentioned in a certain legend. Supposedly the big tower symbolised one year. Four smaller ones – the seasons of the year. 12 big rooms in the Town Hall are the months. 52 smaller rooms – weeks. There were supposed to be 365 windows (plus one forged in leap years). It would be worth counting them. If the number matches, let us know because we always forget which windows we have already counted and which we have not yet…

Rynek Staromiejski


# 2

At the northeast corner of the Old Town Square we can meet a unique animal. A dog. But stay calm – it does not bite. It is friendly. It likes children. What is more – the friendship goes both ways. This small animal refers to a certain person from Toruń – Zbigniew Lengren, the author of a comic series that used to be published in Przekrój weekly magazine. It told stories from the life of the elderly man called Professor Filutek. His everyday companion was the mentioned dog – Filuś. He is constantly waiting for his master at the entrance to Chełmińska Street. 


# 1

f you want to discover the traditional method of preparing such a ‘gościniec’ (delicacy) by travelling through time, you should go as fast as you can to the famous Live Gingerbread Museum. If you also like to be beaten with words and hurried to work it means that this attraction is made for you! Be prepared though because slacking off is not acceptable there. You can find the Museum at 9 Rabiańska Street.

Another place with intensive gingerbread smell is Toruń Gingerbread Museum – the unit of the Regional Museum in Toruń. It is situated at 4 Strumykowa Street. An extensive exhibition on the history of Toruń gingerbread making is located in the nineteenth century gingerbread factory. The exhibition is interactive and children-friendly. In here you will also have an opportunity to prepare a sweet souvenir. Do not think, however, that it is an easy thing to do...

Piernikowe warsztaty