Restauracja Karramba

Restauracja Karramba

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Restauracja Karramba
Łazienna 13
87-100 Toruń
Tel.: 797 034 848
torun [at]

Karramba is a place that was created for lovers of real food.

Our philosophy is a quote from Ulysses: "God made the food, and the devil made the cooks."

Especially for you, our chefs combine the best quality products with culinary art. We want to give you the joy of spending time in city interiors with casual conversations, good music, healthy and delicious cuisine.

Thanks to the open kitchen, you can see how steaks are made of excellent Polish beef and pizzas made of Italian ingredients. Nevertheless, we are proud of the wide offer of offal dishes, incl. bull's testicles or stomachs. In our menu you will also find vegan dishes and dishes for children.