Parking rules in the Old Town

Parking rules in the Old Town


Torun Old Town, when it was founded over 700 years ago, nobody thought about taking into consideration the fact that cars will appear there once. Streets are usually narrow, winding with a very limited number of places where you can park your vehicle. In addition, the entire Old Town complex is a zone of residence, the same can be parked only in designated places, in addition, pedestrians always have priority and the speed of vehicles has been reduced to 20 km / h. We suggest, therefore, not to try to park at any price directly in the old town, very often even a long-lasting search for a place has no effect. We encourage you to park your vehicles in the parking lots surrounding the Old Town complex, a few-minute walk after the journey is certainly a good idea, instead of the unnecessary irritation associated with the search for a parking space. Below are the rules regarding parking in the Old Town complex in Toruń.


Paid parking zone
The center of Toruń, and therefore the historic Old Town, is covered by the Paid Parking Zone divided into two Subzones (A and B). Subzone A covers the area of ​​Toruń's Old Town and Subzone B includes adjacent and neighboring streets of the Old Town.

The parking spaces designated in the zone are unguarded. Parking is paid from Monday to Friday from 8:00 - 18:00. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, parking is free. The payment is to be paid in the parking meter for a predetermined period of time, and the printout confirming the payment should be placed inside the vehicle behind the windshield.

Remember to pay the next fee if you park longer than initially planned. Otherwise, we risk an additional fee, which must be paid at the ticket office of the Municipal Road Administration at General Sikorski 21/23 Street. You should also know that a parking ticket purchased in one place of the subzone can be used in another, as part of the already paid parking time.