Museum of Toruń Gingerbread

Museum of Toruń Gingerbread

Museum of Toruń Gingerbread
Museum of Toruń Gingerbread
Strumykowa 4
87-100 Toruń
Tel.: 56 656 70 87
muzeum [at]
Opening hours: 

monday: closed | tuesday-sunday: 10:00 - 16:00


monday: closed | tuesday-sunday: 10:00 - 18:00

Ticket prices: 
normal ticket
26 zł
reduced ticket
21 zł

The Museum of Toruń Gingerbread is an interactive, multimedia museum introducing visitors to the world of Toruń's most celebrated delicacy.    The Museum, located in the former Gustaw Weese gingerbread factory, offers tours during which visitors can learn many secrets about Toruń gingerbread: the ingredients necessary to make the dough /fragrant spices, sweet honey and best quality flour/, the baking techniques used as well as the gingerbread trade across the centuries. The Museum offers workshops for visitors to enjoy the hands-on experience of making their own gingerbread souvenirs fromdough prepared according to the oroginal recipe, as well as a chance to taste this spicy delicacy. Seeing our unique collection of gingerbread moulds, including the famous katarzynka, can make your visit unforgettable. Other items on display show a wide varietyof gingerbread cookies and biscuits, their different shapes, packagings and both former and present-day production techniques. Visitors to the Museum will be given a warm welcome by our own 'Gustaw Weese'