Museum of Knights and Toy Soldiers

Museum of Knights and Toy Soldiers

Muzeum Rycerzy i Żołnierzyków
Museum of Knights and Toy Soldiers
Małe Garbary 19
87-100 Toruń
Tel.: 786 20 25 26
muzeumrycerzy [at]
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Ticket prices: 
normal ticket
18,00 zł
reduced ticket
13,00 zł
up to 3 years old
250,00 zł

The museum presents two collections of a historical figures: the first shows the appearance and equipment of Polish troops from the 10th to 18th centuries and knightly orders related to the history of Poland. The second is a collection of toy soldiers, sold in the years 1960-1994 at RUCH kiosks, which were then played by millions of children.

The collections present the heritage of Toruń, related to knights and the legend of King Arthur, as well as the use of figurines for learning through play.