Kayaking trips

Kayaking trips

Kayaking trips
87-100 Toruń
Tel.: 609 977 020
kajaki [at] zwinka.pl

Toruń part of the Drwęca river, where the ‘trip’ takes place is a very attractive, 8 km river stretch. The Drwęca river meanders there among meadows, forests and banks are grown with old willow trees and covered with sand dunes. The canoeists pass 34 picturesque turns including two incanting river gorges, where the river slightly speeds up providing additional sensations. And all of this without really the necessity of leaving Toruń.

The meeting of the participants is arranged in front of the ethnographic Skansen museum in Kaszczorek, from where the canoeists are taken up the river– to the starting point. The trip lasts for 2 hours and it ends near the meeting place.

The organiser is Zwinka Kayak Agency of Toruń