The Explorers’ Museum

The Explorers’ Museum

The Explorers’ Museum
The Explorers’ Museum
Franciszkańska 11
87-100 Toruń
Tel.: 56 660 56 20
Fax.: 56 622 40 29
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monday: closed | tuesday-sunday: 10:00-16:00


monday: closed | tuesday-sunday: 10:00-18:00

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25 zł
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20 zł

The exhibition entitled ‘Tony Halik. Born for Adventure’ is composed of memorabilia of the famous explorer born in Toruń, which were handed to the museum by his wife – Elżbieta Dzikowska. Halik brought not only pictures and videos from his expeditions but also objects connected to every-day life of people living in distant regions. The visitors can see there: vessels for drinking yerba mate, ritual Cuban masks and copies of the pre-Columbian figurines of gods and warriors. Halik was also a passionate collector of headpieces, hence the collection of several dozen caps and hats from all over the world.

From the expeditions to Indian villages, situated away from modern civilisationHalik brought many objects such as necklaces made of wild animals’ fangs, jaguar skins and the head of a sloth made smaller by him. The museum collection is continually enriched thanks to Elżbieta Dzikowska’s generosity, by adding new exotic gifts brought from numerous expeditions.