The Basement of Toruń Botchers

The Basement of Toruń Botchers

The Basement of Toruń Botchers
Chełmińska 11
87-100 Toruń
Tel.: 691 639 883
biuro [at]
Opening hours: 

11:00 - 16:00

Ticket prices: 
Pojedynczy warsztat rzemiosł
ulgowy 20 zł, normalny 25 zł
Pakiet partactwa (3 warsztaty)
ulgowy 45 zł, normalny 57 zł

Piwnica Toruńskich Partaczy (The Basement of Toruń Botchers) offers the participation in historical workshops. They include baking Toruń gingerbread with the extraordinary history of its origin, making a souvenir coin connected with a story of Copernican economy and an interactive history lesson connected with the presentation of medieval battles and a possibility to become a knight or a squire.
Anyone who wishes to know who the botcher was, how a minter worked in the old days, where gingerbread traditions come from or to rebut the myths connected to knightly craftsmanship should definitely visit this place.
Participation in workshops after previous appointment:
B.T. Ratuszanka, tel. 691 639 883
biuroatratuszanka [dot] pl