Planetarium and Geodium

Planetarium and Geodium

Planetarium Orbitarium and Geodium
Planetarium and Geodium
Franciszkańska 15
87-100 Toruń
Tel.: 56 622 60 66
Fax.: 56 622 50 66
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Ticket prices: 
PLANETARIUM: school groups
8 zł per person
PLANETARIUM: reduced ticket
10 zł
PLANETARIUM: normal ticket
12 zł
PLANETARIUM: ticket with english lecturer
15 zł
GEODIUM: school groups
6 zł per person
GEODIUM: reduced ticket
7 zł
GEODIUM: normal ticket
9 zł

Planetarium, Orbitarium and Geodium are situated in the nineteenth century buildings of the old gas plant. In Planetarium, on the dome of a 15-meter long diameter, shows promoting the knowledge of the universe and astronomy are presented.

The system of projectors enables presentation of star constellations and distant galaxies. During one day there are several shows presented which are prepared for different age groups – part of them are aimed at few-year-olds. Some of the shows are available with  English audio.

Geodium is an interactive exhibition dedicated to the Earth as a Planet and to various phenomena occurring on it. The ones pictured there include: magnetic field, Earthquake, convection, the Earth atmosphere, Coriolis effect, precession of Earth axis, lithosphere plates, viscosity of liquid, cyclone, Newton’s disk, creation of dunes, renewable energy sources and a lift-off.